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“True healers have to have more than just a knowledge of their practice. They must also have compassion, a connection to a deeper source, a knowledge of their own healing process, a willingness to learn and expand, a keen eye on the present moment, and an awareness of the needs of the patient. James Whittle has demonstrated to me time and time again how he is not just a fantastic Acupuncturist, but he is one of those rare finds…He is a true healer.” Christine Kane, Performer/Speaker/Songwriter


“I had terrible colitis with bouts of diarrhea every day along with intense pain in my abdomen for many years until I met James Whittle. After receiving his dietary advice and after 4 acupuncture sessions, the pain disappeared and my diarrhea was gone. I also had recurrent bladder infections that also did not come back as a result of James Whittle’s meticulous, compassionate care.” – Allison Frank


“I am over 90 years old and I go to see James every few weeks to keep my blood pressure down, to keep my neck muscles relaxed, and to keep my heart healthy.”– Sandy Krebs


“Being Chinese, I have been to the most expert Acupuncturists and Herbalists in China. After just a few treatments with James, my headaches were gone, and my stress was greatly reduced. Now James helps me keep my skin looking young and healthy.” -Mai Yao


“I had terrible pancreatitis and had a nasty surgery six years ago. Though I was operated on, my abdominal pain never really went away. After I met James Whittle, I got on some Chinese herbs that really helped my pain and digestion. I chose James because he treats the whole person and gave me many dietary suggestions that really made a difference.” – Jack